These are the features of Konference found in version 0.2.0:
  • Display local video
  • Connect with remote computer
  • Display remote video and transmit voice conversation


  • Add Cu30 codec support (statsDir!)
  • *Still* no color. We must fix this.
  • Debug remote video - it's garbled.
  • Test with NetMeeting
  • Wire up slots for speaker/mic adjustments
  • possibly a button for existing speaker/mic icons with muted/unmuted
  • Shutdown shows me "no stack frame". Trace that out.
  • Localthread shutdown is bad - when we call quit() from konferenceapp.cpp, we should wait on the localthread to terminate.
  • Call hangup should be made to work properly
  • Icons need to be drawn
  • call/hangup icon should change
  • Use the PVideoDevice more - it's full of features we can exploit such as device/channel enumeration.
  • Get someone to write an arts driver for openh323. This will allow us to work with KDE more smoothly.
  • KDE Address book support
  • dialog box for incoming calls
  • "configure" script doesn't work from KDevelop since the last time I modified it. It does work from the command line, however.

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